• 5 Essentials To Pack In Your Carry On

    5 Essentials To Pack In Your Carry On

    When it comes to packing for your next trip, the age-old debate of luggage versus carry-on may arise. What goes into which bag and how much can be packed? Finding a way to pack everything may be challenging, and the urge to pack the overflow into your carry-on may arise – do not do it! You need to plan ahead and be strategic in your approach to packing. To assist you, we have a list of must-pack items to add to your carry-on. 1. Water bottles Most airlines have restricted the consumption of food and drink while flying. However, we recommend investing in a collapsible water bottle that can easily…

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    5 tips for going on a Cruise

    It is time to shake things up and try something completely new for your next family holiday. While a lot of potential holiday options exist, a cruise can bring together so many different elements that one singular holiday destination cannot offer. So, to help you take on the seas, we have a few tips for taking your first cruise holiday. 1. Trust the professionals When it comes to ensuring that you are going on a safe, well-organized holiday, always seek out the assistance of a travel agent. This will ensure that you are able to do everything that you want to do, have an idea of additional costs that you…

  • How To Travel With Your Pet - 6 Tips

    How To Travel With Your Pet – 6 Tips

    The assumption that traveling with pets is something that we need to change. Traveling with your pet is no different than traveling with other members of your family – they need to stay hydrated, entertained, and safe throughout the journey. Depending on where you are headed, it could be as simple as planning your car ride accordingly or preparing them for a quick flight. Regardless of how you choose to travel, you need to plan this properly to make sure that both you and your pet reach your destination safely and with the least stress possible. 1. Do not make assumptions When it comes to traveling, do not assume that…

  • 5 Tips for choosing a House Sitter

    5 Tips for choosing a House Sitter

    Deciding to go on your next family holiday can be exciting but managing the admin that goes along with this can be tricky. To start with, you need to choose someone trustworthy to look after your home and pets. Depending on how you are going to be away, as well as the tasks required daily, you will need to make sure that you’re giving unrestricted access to your home to a reliable person. To help ensure the safety of your home while you are away, we have a few tips for selecting the best person to look after your treasured belongings. 1. Live-in or not? The first factor that needs…

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    The Best Alternatives to Air Travel

    As a global society, we have become overly reliant on air travel. We have gotten used to the idea that buying an air ticket gives us the ability to be halfway across the world within a matter of hours. While this is miraculous and convenient, it also comes with its fair share of stresses and downsides. Air travel is rapidly increasing the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere which contributes heavily to climate change. It is also a costly method of travel which makes it largely inaccessible to a significant portion of the population. While other means of long-distance transport are slower, they tend to be cheaper and less…

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    How Solo Travel Can Enrich Your Life

    Venturing out into the big, wide world all by yourself can be terrifying, especially for those who have never set foot outside their home countries. However, it is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons (literally) and learn important things about yourself. While family holidays have their place, every young adult should endeavour to travel alone at least once in their lives, should the opportunity be available. Indulge Your Fantasies One of the foremost perks of solo travel is the ability to be entirely selfish in your decisions. Trips taken with friends or family are generally strictly planned well in advance to ensure all-round satisfaction. When it’s just…

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    Hacks for Making Air Travel Less Stressful

    Let’s face it, nobody enjoys being cramped into a tiny, non-reclining seat amongst a hundred strangers who are just as uncomfortable as you. Whether you’re catching a short, domestic flight or embarking on a long journey with multiple layovers, preparation is key. While the prospect of arriving at your destination is always exciting, the flight itself is usually far from pleasant. Fortunately, there are a few simple and inexpensive ways to ensure that your journey is as comfortable and easy as possibleat any age. A few hours of pre-trip preparation can go a long way toward making that dreaded flight easier on the nerves. Bring Earplugs We’ve all been there…

  • 5 Travel Hacks Volume 1

    5 Travel Hacks: Volume 1

    This new series brings you great new tips and tricks for traveling to make your journey much smoother and more fun! 1. Keep a Pen in Every Bag and pocket An underrated tip that may change your life. Whether you’re at the airport, in a cab, at a hotel, or out on a tour, you never know when you’ll need a pen to fill in a form or jot down some important information. That’s why a pen in every pocket or bag is a good bet regardless of whether you need it or now. This is one of those underrated tips that you only realize the importance of once you’re…