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    5 tips for going on a Cruise

    It is time to shake things up and try something completely new for your next family holiday. While a lot of potential holiday options exist, a cruise can bring together so many different elements that one singular holiday destination cannot offer. So, to help you take on the seas, we have a few tips for taking your first cruise holiday. 1. Trust the professionals When it comes to ensuring that you are going on a safe, well-organized holiday, always seek out the assistance of a travel agent. This will ensure that you are able to do everything that you want to do, have an idea of additional costs that you…

  • How To Travel With Your Pet - 6 Tips

    How To Travel With Your Pet – 6 Tips

    The assumption that traveling with pets is something that we need to change. Traveling with your pet is no different than traveling with other members of your family – they need to stay hydrated, entertained, and safe throughout the journey. Depending on where you are headed, it could be as simple as planning your car ride accordingly or preparing them for a quick flight. Regardless of how you choose to travel, you need to plan this properly to make sure that both you and your pet reach your destination safely and with the least stress possible. 1. Do not make assumptions When it comes to traveling, do not assume that…

  • How to stay safe while traveling

    How to stay safe while traveling

    The world is full of so many threats. At present, we are battling a global pandemic that requires its own set of safety guidelines, while pre-existing threats such as theft remain a cause for concern. Now, when it comes to traveling, we need to consider all these concerns and find ways to address them to ensure our safety. Here are our top tips for staying safe while traveling. 1. Research The first thing that you need to do is research your destination. Look at the crime stats as well as the COVID-19 infection rate. If the figures are alarming, then you may want to re-think your travel plans. This is…

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    Top Activities to Try in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a popular choice for many tourists, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s relatively safe, it’s full of culture, art, friendly people, and the scale of the city itself is one that encourages you to feel welcome and at ease. Bustling, overdeveloped cities such as New York and London tend to leave you feeling dwarfed and vulnerable – an ant among giants. Amsterdam is unique in that it has much to offer without being overwhelming or overstated. A visit to this unique and exciting destination is a rare and wonderful opportunity – one that should not be wasted. Delve deeper into this article to find out how…

  • Learn About Maid Cafés in Japan

    Learn About Maid Cafés in Japan

    Maid cafés have been in Japan for some time now and they are mainstream among otakus (Japanese expression for individuals with over the top interests, regularly the anime and manga being a fan) and travelers. They are cafés with servers dressed as maids who treat clients as “masters”. These days, maid pop culture is one of Japan’s top subcultures, and it has acquired a lot of prominence globally too. Maid cafés are the place where you can discover charmingly dressed servants, chic live exhibitions, and awesome food. These shops have pulled in even women who have a passing interest in charming things! However, complete beginners to the subculture may find…

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    5 Travel Hacks: Volume 2

    We’ve promised you multiple awesome traveling tips in various posts through time. We’re working hard as a team to get those together and give you some epic tips you’ll love. So without further ado, here are 5 brand new tips for traveling to make your travels more fun and efficient. Put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge This is a lesser known fact, but if you really want to keep your batteries fresher and full of power for much longer, throw them in the fridge at your hotel. This is one of the crazy travel hacks on the list, but most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their full charge when they are…

  • 5 Travel Hacks Volume 1

    5 Travel Hacks: Volume 1

    This new series brings you great new tips and tricks for traveling to make your journey much smoother and more fun! 1. Keep a Pen in Every Bag and pocket An underrated tip that may change your life. Whether you’re at the airport, in a cab, at a hotel, or out on a tour, you never know when you’ll need a pen to fill in a form or jot down some important information. That’s why a pen in every pocket or bag is a good bet regardless of whether you need it or now. This is one of those underrated tips that you only realize the importance of once you’re…