How Solo Travel Can Enrich Your Life

Venturing out into the big, wide world all by yourself can be terrifying, especially for those who have never set foot outside their home countries. However, it is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons (literally) and learn important things about yourself.

While family holidays have their place, every young adult should endeavour to travel alone at least once in their lives, should the opportunity be available.

Indulge Your Fantasies

One of the foremost perks of solo travel is the ability to be entirely selfish in your decisions. Trips taken with friends or family are generally strictly planned well in advance to ensure all-round satisfaction.

When it’s just you, however, you can make spur of the moment decisions that could end up changing the course of your holiday completely. Spontaneity is a gift while travelling, it can end up exposing you to all sorts of interesting people, amazing spaces, fun new sporting opportunities, and thrilling adventures that you wouldn’t have been able to plan beforehand.

Challenge Yourself

Nobody has ever undergone significant growth or change without being exposed to challenges. While travelling is primarily an exciting and wonderful experience, there are aspects of it that force you to confront difficult and uncomfortable circumstances with calm and dignity.

The day that you get lost in a train station where nobody speaks your home language, while potentially terrifying, can also reveal to you how you behave under pressure. It will force you to keep your cool and methodically deal with your issue.

Meeting new people from all walks of life is a huge part of travelling alone. While you may feel homesick and antisocial, putting yourself out there and making new friends in a foreign land will help you grow as an adult and possibly forge lifelong friendships.

Put Yourself in aNew Context

Without friends and family to provide familiarity to a foreign country, you are truly removed from all that you know. Nothing promotes growth and self-awareness more effectively than placing yourself in an entirely new context – whether it’s travelling or looking at new investment options like exploring where to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

It is a rare and unique opportunity to see what aspects of your personality are reactions to your immediate environment, and which parts are innate and unyielding in the face of radical change.

Blend In More Easily

An unfortunate truth about travel is that you are likely to be targeted by vendors and street merchants who take advantage of the tourist presence. If you have ever seen tourists in your home country, you know that they are immediately obvious when they are in a large group. They have cameras, they speak to one another in a foreign tongue, and they spend most of their time pointing things out to each other that are mundane to locals.

When you’re alone in a foreign country, you may not shed all of the characteristics that mark you as a tourist, but you certainly become less conspicuous. This will help you navigate unhindered by harassment and allow you to make contact on your own terms.