Learn About Maid Cafés in Japan

Learn About Maid Cafés in Japan

Maid cafés have been in Japan for some time now and they are mainstream among otakus (Japanese expression for individuals with over the top interests, regularly the anime and manga being a fan) and travelers. They are cafés with servers dressed as maids who treat clients as “masters”.

These days, maid pop culture is one of Japan’s top subcultures, and it has acquired a lot of prominence globally too. Maid cafés are the place where you can discover charmingly dressed servants, chic live exhibitions, and awesome food. These shops have pulled in even women who have a passing interest in charming things! However, complete beginners to the subculture may find it tricky to navigate and to venture into a Maid café straight off the street.

Here are some great maid cafés you may enjoy!

@home Café

In the super competitive maid café market, @home has made their mark by working hard to train maids to be actresses and singers who can entertain clients. Want to see more about this awesome café? Check out this video.


The Akihabara café’s gimmick is “armed maids” who don costumes reminiscent of one of Japan’s most violent eras and explain to the guests that if they break the rules they might be sentenced to “beheading” or “banishment.” It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, which is ultimately what Mononopu is all about: goofy and innocent fun.

Find out more here


This is Japan’s first plus-size maid café and provides a unique experience for customers. The reason behind this is that in a country where being overweight is frowned upon generally, the owners wanted to create an opportunity to have fun and express confidence. What an awesome thing to do!

What do you think of Maid Cafés? Is this something you would want to check out if you ever traveled to Japan?