5 Tips for choosing a House Sitter

5 Tips for choosing a House Sitter

Deciding to go on your next family holiday can be exciting but managing the admin that goes along with this can be tricky. To start with, you need to choose someone trustworthy to look after your home and pets. Depending on how you are going to be away, as well as the tasks required daily, you will need to make sure that you’re giving unrestricted access to your home to a reliable person.

To help ensure the safety of your home while you are away, we have a few tips for selecting the best person to look after your treasured belongings.

1. Live-in or not?

The first factor that needs to be considered is whether you want the person to live in your space during this time, or if you simply want them to check in once or twice a week.

When you have pets that need to be looked after, a live-in sitter is our recommended option, however, if you only need to have your plants watered, an occasional visit will suffice. This will also determine the costs involved with hiring a house sitter, as most people or companies will charge a daily rate.

2. Ask for referrals

Instead of just hiring a random person off of the street, speak to your friends and family about the house sitters that they use when it comes to holiday time.

This will give you added peace of mind knowing that they have been tried and tested by the people closest to you. You can also reach out to social media networks about house sitters that they have used. While you may take a chance when you play here, choosing a house sitter is not the same. Don’t take any risks.

3. Must love dogs

Okay, not necessarily dogs, but, the person you choose needs to be familiar with your pet and their needs. You will want to have someone that gives your pet the attention that they need and ensure that they are happy and well-adjusted while you’re away.

The last thing you want is someone who sits on your couch all day, ignoring your pet.

4. Create an emergency contact sheet

When you leave your home, make sure that your house sitter knows what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency. Of course, they should be able to contact you in a pinch, however, you do not want to be phoned about every little thing.

Include your vet, security company, and the details of a friend or family member that will be able to assist if something were to happen.

5. Trust your gut

This one is a must. When you meet your house sitter – and we recommend doing so face to face – first impressions matter. Keep an eye out for visual clues as to what they really mean when talking to them. You need to be comfortable with the person that you are letting into your home.

Your home is your safe space and sanctuary, it is important to leave it in the right hands while you are off exploring the world.