The Best Alternatives to Air Travel

As a global society, we have become overly reliant on air travel. We have gotten used to the idea that buying an air ticket gives us the ability to be halfway across the world within a matter of hours. While this is miraculous and convenient, it also comes with its fair share of stresses and downsides.

Air travel is rapidly increasing the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere which contributes heavily to climate change. It is also a costly method of travel which makes it largely inaccessible to a significant portion of the population.

While other means of long-distance transport are slower, they tend to be cheaper and less environmentally damaging. This article explores the best alternative options to travelling by plane.

Cargo Ships

Yes, you read that right. It is indeed possible to travel by cargo ship. Many major players in the shipping industry allow travellers the opportunity to book passage aboard their cargo freighters. Your fee will cover your room and meals aboard the vessel and you can exercise whenever you choose, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh sea air, and not be confined to a tiny space.

However, because shipping schedules are often subject to last minute changes, you need to be prepared to be flexible. This makes cargo freighters a risky choice if you intend to be somewhere specific within a certain timeframe. However, it is possible to book passage on a freighter and plan your travel schedule according to their itinerary.

While life aboard a cargo ship is not nearly akin to that of a luxury cruise liner, you will be exposed to a new and adventurous method of travel, interact with the friendly crew, and spend some time in every port they visit.


Who doesn’t love the idea of a train journey? While it may take longer, travelling by railway is a novel and fun way to get around. Whether you’re joining the thousands of local commuters that use the train every day in Asia or you’ve booked a scenic trip aboard the Eurostar, you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.

Railway travel gives you the time and space to sit back, relax, enjoy the scenery, catch up with your correspondence or play at online Bingo sites, and get to know your fellow commuters.

Many travellers choose railway travel simply for the opportunity to view the stunning scenery. For example, the West Highland Railway Line travels between Mallaig and Glasgow, treating its passengers to an unparalleled view of the picturesque Scottish Highlands.


Besides the obvious limitation of not being able to travel over water, your own trusty vehicle is a fantastic way to travel. You only need to ship it or rent a new one when crossing continental borders, which is a small price to pay for the benefit of being in full control of your own travel schedule.

Any destination you could possibly dream up is accessible to you when your hands are at the wheel. Road trips are one of the best ways to see parts of the world that other tourists miss, and you can reduce your carbon footprint even further by renting an electric car.