5 Travel Hacks Volume 1

5 Travel Hacks: Volume 1

This new series brings you great new tips and tricks for traveling to make your journey much smoother and more fun!

1. Keep a Pen in Every Bag and pocket

An underrated tip that may change your life. Whether you’re at the airport, in a cab, at a hotel, or out on a tour, you never know when you’ll need a pen to fill in a form or jot down some important information. That’s why a pen in every pocket or bag is a good bet regardless of whether you need it or now.

This is one of those underrated tips that you only realize the importance of once you’re actually in the thick of it.

2. Go for online Check-in if you can

This will save you so much time and might lead to fewer queues while you’re traveling. I mean, who wants to stand in a long line to get boarding tickets and check in luggage, huh? Some airports and carriers provide online check-in that even allows you to print out your tickets at home after selecting your seats. Depending on the carrier, you could also find options to check in you luggage and then later drop it off on the conveyer, and some airports are even equipped with printers that allow you to print your boarding pass right before you board your flight.

Do a big of digging on your airline as well as the airports you’re traveling from and see how much of this you can do online to make your traveling more efficient and less stressful.

3. Ensure a good night’s sleep with melatonin


Oh the sleep juice of the gods, melatonin. As a natural sleep aid, our brains actually produce this hormone on its own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give nature a bit of a boost, right? We recommend grabbing this in pill form instead of

If you’re taking an overnight flight, take a pill about 30 minutes before you want to catch some shut eye. It can help you fall asleep (and stay asleep) so you feel rested when you land. Stick to the recommended dosage listed on the bottle to avoid any potential adverse effects.

4. Download Google Maps for use offline

So this will really come in handy when you’re in a foreign country and lose signal. Sure, you should probably set up roaming, or get a local sim card if you’re able to, but do this as a back-up anyway. You never know when you may experience connectivity issues, or end up in a rural area that just doesn’t have the infrastructure. Pre-loading a map of the area on Google maps and downloading the information onto your device will save you so much trouble when you’re in the thick of it.

You can easily provide information to cab drivers, tour guides and other locals who may need an indication of where you intend to go if you’re asking for directions, and you can easily gain your bearings if you slip down a new path of adventure while exploring a new city.

5. Shop for groceries when you arrive


If you’re staying in a city for a few days, try and spot the supermarkets or grocery stores. Most cities are filled with tourist traps near the airports and hotels, which include fine dining establishments and other local eateries. But if you’re smart, you could save a fortune by buying some of the basics at a regular supermarket. The vendor on the street may sell you a bottle of water for €2, which you could get in a supermarket for less than €1.

Obviously you’re on vacation and want to enjoy yourself without thinking too much, and if you’re interested in having every meal be a traditional local meal to sample what the country has to offer, that’s cool, but try and save on smaller items like bottled water, gum, snacks and other smaller items that you can grab for much cheaper at any local supermarket.